Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kisses fix everything?!

This morning my head was pounding (thanks to the champagne I drank while wrapping presents last night).  My little sweet bubba came  in an wanted to go get his breakfast.  I said, "Oh buddy, let's just cuddle for a minute.  Momma has a headache."  He said, "I will kiss it and make it feel better" and proceeded to kiss my forehead.  "Does it feel better momma?"  ....I hated to tell him 'no' because it was the sweetest thing ever!
Until next time...

22 Days until Christmas

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas around here.  Yesterday we were supposed to drive to Nebraska to watch my little brothers Tim and Tom play basketball, but the games were called on account of snow.  So...change of plans.  We went to "Arthur Christmas" and it gave me the bug...the decorating bug.  This year I have to balance school and prepping for Christmas so I was wondering when things would get done, but we did good.  We got the tree and mantle decorated (the extent of our decorating) last night and had a great time doing it.  We made hot chocolate with marshmellows, had warm jammies on, and Justin Bieber Christmas CD in the background. 
Jack was a big helper, but had problems getting the ornaments anywhere but his eye level.  :)  He called them "ottomans".  I had to work with him to say "ornaments" several times.  He'd pick one up and say, "Oh look at this pretty ottoman".  He'd walk to the same spot on the tree and attempt to hang it and I'd gently suggest, "What about up here?"  "Oh yes, mommy, that would be perfect!"  He's so stinkin' sweet. 
Here's the finished project:
After Mr. Jack was in bed and daddy went out to see some friends, I drank some bubbly and wrapped a bunch of presents.  It was definitely a productive night and now we're feeling a bit more prepared for my favorite holiday. 
Until next time...