Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I started a blog yesterday and then erased the whole thing...I have nothing exciting to write about!  And my regular life seemed really boring in paragraph form.  So...we're alive, things are going well!  I'm in my last weeks of orientation to the mother/baby unit at Truman Medical Center.  I'll work one 6 weeks schedule on that unit and then move on to Antepartum/Labor & Delivery.  I had a full patient load by myself for the last two nights and I'm so thankful I survived.  The boys are doing great.  Reid is so busy at work...maybe one of the reasons that I have nothing exciting to say!  Jack is keeping us laughing and happy.  Despite his sometimes difficult 3 year old ways, we're loving life with him. 

I suppose 1 cool thing is that we got a new car.  We upgraded our Equinox to a newer Equinox with MUCH less miles.  It has a built in DVD for my little man to enjoy movies on our long trips, an automatic starter (will really love this in the winter) and a reverse camera in the mirror.  Jack saw it come on when I put the car in reverse and then when you switch to "drive" it goes away.  Jack squealed, "It's a magic mirror!"  :)  Too cute. 

Last weekend we went back home to Hastings for my 10 year high school reunion.  It's amazing that it's been 10 years.  I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the group of people that attended.  High school was such a care free time in life and it was fun to remember and make new memories together. 

Class of 2002 (the members that showed up):
 Me and the love of my life:
 Me and the girls:
That's about all I've got...STAY COOL...until next time...