Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This kid can eat!

My son could be a human advertisement for Kirby vacuums.  I'm not sure they have those around anymore, but my parents had one when I was little, so I'll use it as my reference for today's post.  Since our last name is Kirby...it works.  Jack is a human vacuum when it comes to his appetite.  He will eat until we stop giving him food!  Even his grandmother and great-grandma have commented how they've "never seen a child eat like Jack" before. 
For example: We have eaten out a couple of times this weekend and Jack's eaten almost entire kids meals each time.  On Saturday we went to IHOP (one of my faves) and Jack had a whole meal consisting of 5 silver dollar pancakes, 2 scrambled eggs, and sausage.  PLUS while he was waiting on his food he ate 4 banana teether cookies and a handful of puffs and a whole cup of silk (soy milk).  And I think he could've continued, but it was all gone.
Last night we went to Tom Fooleries for Happy Hour (GREAT deals even if you're not actually drinking at Happy Hour).  He had the grilled cheese kids meal and ate the WHOLE thing...some of the pickle included!  He even got to have his first popsicle, as that was the dessert the kids get with their meals.  He loved the bomb pop!  I thought for sure he wouldn't do too well with the cold, but he just kept on sucking on it.  It was too cute.  His daddy added, "You've inherited your mother's sweet tooth."  :)
It's been fun being able to eat out as a family and not have to take a separate meal for Jack.  I'm thankful for his hearty appetite and I definitely won't be complaining about a picky eater any time soon.  I'm going to enjoy his willingness to eat whatever we give him now, because I'm sure he'll turn picky one of these days. 
Until next time...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Signs we're raising a boy...

Each day I see the little boy coming through in Jack, more and more.  He's quite the stinker these days!  
1) Bruises, scrapes, scratches...his legs are full of them already! 
2) He's climbing on everything.  Jack is attempting to climb on top of anything that hits him about chest height.  He has managed to crawl up on his Grandma Judy's fire place and dance around.  He's trying to use his toys as boosts to get on the couch/ottomon.  Oh, and he crawls up the stairs whenever he gets the chance (we may have to breakdown and buy a gate)
3) He loves playing outside!  He screamed at his daddy today when he had to come in for lunch.
4) He eats EVERYTHING!  My grocery bill is growing already and he's only 1!
5) Jack wants to throw almost any toy he gets his hands on.  But, we're practicing on handing things to mom and dad, instead of chucking it at us.

While there are many things that make him a tough, fearless little boy, he's still sweet and cuddly too.  Tonight he ran into my arms, with a big smile on his face, when I picked him up from Grandma Judy's...just melted my heart.

Until next time...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

The clouds are rolling in and the rain is coming, but it's been a BEAUTIFUL day so far.  We have had a laid back day today, as we celebrated Easter with Reid's family yesterday.  Jack and I got to cheer Reid on, in flag football yesterday morning.  His team won and it was fun seeing him out on the field again.  We had lunch with his family at Aunt Jayne and Uncle Mark's.  There was quite the spread!  It was nice to have everyone together.  We took Jack outside for his first Easter egg hunt!  We were going to take him to Grandma Judy's church for the big egg hunt, but we were worried that he may not like it too much.  Jack hasn't been very excited about the grass.  But, he finally got comfortable and "hunted" the eggs we took with us.  He got some yummy treats inside and we had fun taking pictures of him.  He was quite handsome in his Easter outfit (and he managed to keep it clean!). 

Yesterday evening I sang in my church's choir for the Easter Vigil.  It was very moving for me to be part of the music this year.  Some of the songs we sang were favorites of mine and it's always special to see the new members of the church receive the sacraments. 
Wishing God's continued blessing upon you and your family!  Happy Easter!  Until next time...