Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 randoms...GO!

I don't have time to rehash the last 2 months...I'm a bad blog's a snapshot of where we are today!

1.  Jack is going Trick or Treating as YODA!  He asked to be Yoda this past summer...I found the costume for $5 on a garage sale....SCORE for MOM! 

2.  Reid got a promotion at work and while he spends a lot of time working, he likes it for the most part.  He actually just recently said, "It is such a blessing that I got hired at Cerner."  Thank you Lord, yet again for this blessing.

3.  My job on nights is going well!  I love nights....I've always been a night owl.  I am liking what I do.  I work the postpartum unit currently.  I love educating new moms, young moms, first time moms.  It is wonderful to bond with them since I can relate to the high percentage of moms who get a c-section at my hospital.  I get to train to antepartum (mom's admitted for observation during their pregnancy...not necessarily going to go into labor) during the next cycle schedule.  I'm excited to add to my knowledge of this field of women's health.

4.  Jack started preschool at St. Andrew's Catholic school.  He goes full time Mon-Fri 0700-315.  He likes his friends and for the most part his teacher.  It is much more structured than his daycare, so we're working on learning school and home.  Let's just say I don't think he likes authority much these days no matter who it is.

5.  Funny story about Jack and school.  I met the father of Lucy, Jack's classmate.  He told me that Lucy plays school a lot at their home.  He said, "every time she plays school, Jack Kirby is always on timeout."  Go child is always on timeout. :)  I shouldn't smile.  But, it's really laughed. 

6.  My sisters Maggie, Lucy and I got to go to the Justin Bieber concert in KC this past weekend.  We had so much fun.  I felt so old, but they definitely had fun.  JB was cute as a 15 year old, but this 18 year old "man" who sags his pants to his knees, already has 8 'tats', wears sunglasses in the dark, grabs his crotch, and grinds to his music while on stage is a little much for me.  Does that make me old?
Here's a picture of us before the concert:

7.  I'm so excited for Christmas.  It's quickly becoming an obsession in my shopping.  I buy something every time I'm out for a Christmas gift.  Ok, not every time, but I'm probably 2/3 of the way done with my shopping.  I have wrapping paper and ribbon for bows, all ready to make some pretty packages.  I can't wait to put my Christmas decor up, our tree, drink some hot cocoa, and spend some good quality time together.

8. We took Kirby family pictures last weekend at English Landing park in Parkville. It was chilly, but beautiful out and made for some great pictures. It is a task to get us all looking and smiling at the same time. But our photographer got some great shots. So wonderful to have those memories in print and to see us all in one pictures. Jack's great-grandma Peggy even came from Osage Beach, MO to get in on the action. Here's a few for your viewing pleasure...

 The whole group (click for a larger view)
 Our little family of 3:
 All the kiddos:
 Justyn, Jack, and McKenna:
 Happy Holidays from the family:

9.  My TV show that I was watching on DVR just ended and "Jack's Big Music Show" on NickJr came on once it flipped back to regular TV.  Do kids really like that show?  I never had an affinity to puppets....

10.  I have to work Christmas Eve night and I'm pretty bummed.  I'm the only nights person that has a young child and I'm going to miss being Santa and seeing Jack once he comes down stairs to see all the presents.  But, Reid has been so understanding and encouraging.  He told me that he'd keep Jack upstairs till I get home and then bring him down so we can both be there.  He assured me that we'd make Christmas happen with the families whenever we can and it will all work out.  He's so good for me...such a voice of reason in my clouded brain of doubt and pessimism, at times. 

That's all folks.  Until next time...