Thursday, March 29, 2012

Looking forward

It's only a few days over 40, until graduation!  There are a lot of things left to do between now and then, but I keep looking forward and that's what is keeping me motivated.
Here's the beginning of a laundry list of "normal" things I can't wait to do after graduation.  I didn't realize how much I've put aside for this year until I started talking about all the things I can't wait to do again.
*reading non-nursing books.  I have a huge pile of books I've accumulated that are just waiting to be read!
*going to the park with my boys
*running...ok, ok I'll probably start with walking.  But, my plan is to start the "couch to 5K" regimen.  I think it'll be a good transition.  Hopefully I can actually stay motivated to do this.
*going to the pool/laying out
*cook meals and enjoy dinner time with my family
*see my girlfriends/drinks/dinners/play dates with our kids
*travelling (road trips, plane trips, boat trips..who knows!)
*watch a TV show in real time
*deep clean my house and cars-- unfortunately this always seems to get pushed to the end of my to-do list
*home improvements
*sleep in
*stay up late just because
*go TO the movies...not just redboxing it

well, I know there are more things in mind, but I'll have to add them later.  School work awaits.
Until next time...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 year old stats

This morning we had Jack's 3 y/o Well Child Check and he got a clean bill of health.  Here are the his 3 y/o stats:
Height:  40.5in - 98th percentile
Weight: 38.6lbs- 95th percentile

He has gained 6 pounds and grew 4 inches in the last year.  Dr. Cattaneo told us that his growth has been great, consistent and on track.  This past year he has been consistently between the 97-99th precentile for height and 85-95th percentile for weight.  I just plugged in his numbers on Height predictor.  A year ago it told us he had a 90% chance to be within 2 inches of 6'8" by the time he was 18.  Today, with his new measurements, he is predicted 90% chance to be within 2 inches of 6'2" by the time he is 18.  That's a little more believable. 

Until next time...

Three at last, three at last!

Jack is 3!  Hold the phone, it's really sweet little bub is 3!  We had a fantastic day of celebrations with friends and family. 
We started the morning with green pancakes, our little birthday tradition.  Jack was adorable while we sang happy birthday to him.  He just had a great little twinkle in his eye.  He also got to open his snail mail cards and gifts. 
My cute little guy watching the candles: 
 "I got some money mom!":
Jack and his daddy went with my inlaws to the parade in downtown KC.  This has become kind of a tradition for them and this year did not disappoint.  He came home with a 4 leaf clover tattoo and seemed like he really enjoyed it. 
My boys before the parade: 
Here is a picture of Jack and his cousins McKenna, Justyn, and Ella:
After the parade we all met up at Smokehouse BBQ for some yummy lunch.  My cousin Jennifer brought her kids Emery and Elle to town for a visit and joined us.  Jack was so excited that Emery and Elle Madeleine were here!  Grandma Judy made yummy cupcakes complete with green frosting for another yummy birthday treat. 
Jack and Emery were excited to see each other: 
After nap time, a few more friends joined us at our house for pizza and games and presents.  Gabby, Anthony, and Owen came over with their parents and just hung out for a little bit.  It was laid back and lots of fun for the kids to play together.  They got to go outside and kick around the soccer ball and run around.  Jack got some really nice gifts.  It was hilarious watching him open presents.  He'd pull something out and said, "WHAT!?" It was too funny- quite the little character.
We had a CARS themed party complete with Spare Tire Cupcakes: 
 Last candle of the day.  Such a big boy: 
 Emery, Gabby, and Jack posing for a picture: 
All in all, it was a fantastic day and I am so grateful for all the love for this special little boy.  We are all so blessed.
Leaving you with one last picture...This makes me think of when Jennifer and I were little girls.  I'm so excited that Jack and Emery love each other.  They will be friends forever, I can just tell.
Until next time...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hard not to get choked up

This morning I've been checking things off my to-do list left and right and it's a great feeling.  One of the items is "organize Jack's 3rd birthday".  First off, I cannot believe that in 5 days I'll have an official 3 year old.  It's just impossible...right?!  Just the other day he was this roly poly baby that slept and ate all the time.  I cannot believe how fast time is going.  I went back and looked at several of my online albums of all his pictures (and yes I shed a few tears).  He has grown up so much even just in the past year.  But, the physical change is amazing.  I have a little man now!  Just last night we buzzed his head from a MOHAWK into a buzz cut with RACING STRIPES on his temples since he's having a CARS birthday. Last night before bed he was trying to decide what his racing name will be for his birthday party.  It was just another awesome moment we shared.   
Here are just a few more of some of my favorite memories-
Nothing like a huge smile wearing his daddy's hat: 
 My sweet little "burger king": 
 Back in the day (when he used to puke everywhere) we would keep him in a bib all day.  Here is Super-puker to the rescue!  Still smiling: 
 A Liverpool fan from the beginning.  I love that he smiles all the time.  It's getting harder to get him to be so easy going about pictures: 
It's such a joy to have such a happy, funny, smart little man in my life.  I truly feel so blessed that God had this amazing plan for me and Reid.  Jack has changed our lives for the better in so many ways.  It's not always easy being a parent, but seeing all these memories helps me put things into perspective.  The good absolutely outweighs the bad.  I'm so excited for the future of this young boy.  I love you JGK--all the way to the moon!
Until next time...  

Jack's 3...almost

This past weekend we were so excited to spend some time with my family.  They came down early since the kids didn't have school on Friday and it was AWESOME to have 2 full days with them.  That's a rarity!  They wanted to come see us and celebrate a certain grandson/nephew's birthday a little bit early.  We had beautiful weather for their visit and jam packed as much in as possible.  On Saturday we got up early and I drug the whole bunch to the zoo for Pancakes for Penguins!  I was really excited to use our zoo membership (early bday present for Jack) for the first time and of course support the cause of getting penguins back to the zoo.  It was a huge success considering we stood in line for an hour until we actually got our pancakes.  But- they were yummy and a nice breakfast before we trekked across Africa and part of Australia.  Afterward we came home and sung happy birthday and let Jack open a few presents.  It was a fabulous weekend and makes me wish my family lived closer.  Some day, maybe...
Here are a few pictures from our weekend-
Jack's getting so tall:
Uncle Timmy and Jack:
 Love taking family pictures at the zoo:
 Jack and his awesome Eileen's cookie the family brought from Hastings:
 Aunt Maggie wins "best present" award...Angry Birds:
More birthday posts to come later this week.  Until next time...