Monday, March 18, 2013

Jack is 4

What a wonderful birthday weekend Jack had.  His Aunt Maggie and Uncle Tim came to visit Friday for a visit to KC zoo.  We packed a picnic lunch, saw our favorite animals, and got to see our the new polar bear!  It was a nice outing and so much fun for Jack to spend some time with his aunt and uncle that he doesn't get to see very often. 
Jack and his aunt and uncle:
Saturday we had a busy day.  We woke up bright and early to freeze sit at the Snake Saturday parade in North KC.  It was fun and family friendly.  Jack wore a green mustache and we ate way too many of grandma's shamrock cookies and fried foods.  Oh well, you only live once, right?! 
We love green:
That afternoon we got to attend Jack's friend Anthony's 3rd birthday party. Jack and Anthony are the same age for 1 day every year.  It was a lot of fun and Spiderman even came for a visit.
Jack and Spidey:
Sunday, St. Patrick's day, we had our traditional green pancakes for breakfast and we went to church together as a family, enjoyed lunch at Smokehouse, per tradition, with Reid's family.  My brother Ben and his girlfriend Angela came along with us.  Jack was spoiled with gifts, but had so much fun.  And that was jus the start of it. 
Green pancakes:
Our family:
We headed over to Fun Run for his birthday party complete with Star Wars cupcakes and light sabers made out of pool noodles.  I think he had a blast.  This was the first year we invited all the boys from his class at school and it was fun to see them interact outside of the classroom.  Man, who knew 3-4 year olds had that much energy stored up!  I do NOT remember running around like that...EVER!
Jack and his buddies:
The awesome light sabers:
I think Jack had a pretty fantastic weekend and is a little overwhelmed at the generosity of everyone.  His favorite thing he opened was a simple (but not so simple) birthday card.  Aunt Sarah gave him a Yoda card that actually has a light saber that lights up and plays music.   I think he wanted to take it to bed with him to cuddle with.  :)  It's the simple things in life...
We can't believe we have a 4 year old.  Time seriously flies and it isn't slowing down!  I keep thinking that "oh next month will be quieter" but that is not the case.  Every day Jack does something or says something that makes us say..."who is this young boy and where did he come from?"  He is such a bright, happy, and fun kid.  We're excited for 4 and all the fun things that come along with it.  We feel so very blessed.
 Our happy little 4 year old:
Until next time...


Another funny for the books...
Reid took Jack to the bathroom at a restaurant the other day and Jack looked up and said, "What are the bubbles by my penis?"  Reid said, "Those are your testicles."  Jack said calmly, "Oh I like testicles!" 
Bahahaha....I was rolling.  This is yet another reason why I'll let my hubs handle bathroom duty until we have a girl. 
Until next time...

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Today we had Jack's 4 year check up (holy cow he's gonna be 4!).  He got a clean bill of health and is right on track compared to the last two year. 
4 years old stats:
Height: 43.75 inches = 98th percentile.  The doctor told him that in a room of 100, 4 year old boys, only 5 would be taller than him.  He said, "Whoa...I'm tall!".  Haha!
Weight: 44.4 pounds = 95 percentile. 
From age 2-3 he had gained 6 pounds and grew 4 inches.  From age 3-4, whaddya know, he gained 6 pounds and grew 4 inches!  I'd say that's a pretty consistent kid. 

We've got lots of fun things planned for the birthday updates to follow. 
Until next time...