Sunday, January 22, 2012


Another Monday test = a day full of procrastination.  I slept today for the first time in forever, due to shear exhaustion after this week.  We've been doing laundry, baked some ginger pumpkin bread, fixed some computer issues, updated my calendar, and now the only thing on my list is prepare for my exam tomorrow.  Yep, you're right...3rd exam in 3.5 weeks!  So, instead of studying I'll recap you in the happenings over the past two weeks!

*Just finished our first week of Management in Nursing.  I'm overwhelmed and scared for this semester.  BUT we're almost to February and it's just going to keep moving fast. 

*I've decided to take the NCLEX (boards for nursing) in Kansas.  Kansas does not require transcripts before allowing you to sign up for a test date.  So, instead of waiting until June-ish to test, I'm going to try and test during the last two weeks of May.  I'll be able to get a duplicate license in MO after I pay a small fee. 

*Reid and I toured 10 homes yesterday.  I think we're going to try and sell or rent out our house.  We found two homes that we love and could move into, tomorrow. But, a slight obstacle stands in our way and that's the current home.  Whichever comes first- renting or selling, we'll if you know friends/family/acquaintances that need a home...send them our way!!  You cannot rent an apartment with 3 bedrooms for what you could buy this house for. 

*Jack has been getting great reports from school and I think he's really enjoying being in the 4 y/o's classroom.  He's learning a lot and comes home with the best stories.  We're going to visit a preschool open house this coming weekend.  I'm really excited about this and hoping Jack enjoys it so we can sign him up for school!

*Reid won his fantasy football league and got a nice chunk of change as the prize.  So, after 3 years of nagging on him for spending $50 each year and losing miserably, he finally won.  AND he was smart and put $50 of it away for next year's league.  (Who says you can't train 'em with good habits)  :)

Not a whole lot else has been going on.  Just very busy with school and work and trying to squeeze in family time whenever we can.  Hope this finds you well.
Until next time...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I want I want I want...

I feel like I could get along real well with Brother and Sister Berenstein bears in the "Case of the Gimmes" book.  I have so many things I'd like to be able to purchase, change, decorate with, wear, use, etc.  So, I'm just going to keep a mini-bucket list of sorts and what better place to do it!  Wants (as of 1/7/12):
*New house- big-- 5 bedrooms! With a big backyard, finished basement, and more storage than I know what to do with.  Those are 3 deal breakers as we search for a new home.
*A new car...I know I know, we have 2 really great cars, but there always something nicer and newer.  I fell in love with a car on my uncle's lot, so maybe something like this: 
*After an accident, I'd like to purchase a new screen for my phone...but that's like $180 for parts and labor.  Considering I spent $0.01 on the phone in the beginning, thanks to my upgrade, I probably could spring for it, but I'm also going to have an upgrade in 16 months.  (That's a lot longer when you write it down)
*A maid- dusting, vacuuming, toilets, scrubbing tubs.  Ahh--that'd be wonderful.
*A rose colored watch such as this: 
*A trip to Disneyworld!  Oh how I love Disney and I have been wanting to go with my family for a couple of years now.  Maybe 2013 is the year!? 
*A romantic getaway to somewhere...all I want is a beach, sun, all-inclusive food/drinks, and fun activities.  I think that's doable.  2013 Anniversary trip will happen!

That's about it for now.  I know there are several a million other things I'd like to buy, but these are the main ones I keep thinking about most frequently.
Until next time...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I went to jail...

No really...I went to jail.  But...not because I was under arrest, but because we had to tour there for our Community Health nursing course.  And yes, that means classes have started again and life is off to the races again.  It's a little crazy how much I didn't feel like I had a break, but that's neither here nor there.  I loved getting to spend time with both of our families and we have been blessed with B-E-A-Utiful weather this "winter".  Here's hoping for no serious snow this "winter".  I can't even imagine it, but I would be totally fine with it happening. 
Life around the Kirby's is usual.  We're finishing up holiday parties this month and I'm working at Children's Mercy almost every weekend.  We will hopefully get to go celebrate Emery's birthday (my cousin's first born) at the end of the month, so maybe even a quick getaway.  We'll see how the weather plays out! 
A few facts/quotes from Jack's world:
1) He's moved up to the 3-4 year old's classroom.  No, he's not 4 and not even 3 yet, but his teacher from the 2-3s moved up and asked if he could move too.  He does very well with her and he communicates very well for his age, so I guess it's good.  He loves school so much and came home after the first day in his new room basically bursting with excitement about all the fun things he was doing.  I love to see my baby happy, so I'm happy too.
2) Jack weighs 37 lbs.  We haven't had him weighed officially on the doctor's scale, but he likes to jump up on ours occasionally and that's the latest weight.  I cannot believe it.  He's solid because he weighs as much as some kindergartners but I don't think he looks like one! 
3) Today he saw a commercial for the Fresh Beat Band concert tour and he looked at me and said, "I wish I could take you to it."  So. sweet.  I had told him that probably a week or so ago when we saw it the first time and he remembered it and said it to me.  Can you say sponge?! 
4) Jack's room has been transformed into a 'big boy' room!  All the baby decorations are down (and ready to sell).  CARS has taken over.  Jack got an awesome sheets set for Christmas from my parents and we hung 2 posters up.  I took his old letters and painted them solid colors to go more with the sheets, instead of the previous jungle theme.  He loves it and calls it a "big kid room". 

That's about it for now.  I'm procrastinating for my 1st test tomorrow; maybe my next blog will come on Thursday next week, since we have another test next Friday....oh the joys of accelerated nursing...4.5 months people.

Until next time...
A few pictures from our Christmas:

 Jack and his new CARS stocking cap and book
 Our little family
 Jack had to pose with this duck

Grandma and Jack made Christmas cookies
Aunt Sarah and Jack matched!