Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I meant to post this last week, but today is better than never...we are officially DONE with diapers!  Ahh-- that feels AMAZING!  In fact, I have a whole package of size 6 diapers if anyone needs any!  :)  When I picked Jack up from daycare on Friday, I had a note in his cubby that said he's been dry at nap time for 2 weeks and accident free- so they sent home the remainder of the diapers.  And we've gone 1 whole week without a diaper at home during nights!  We're so proud of our big guy. 
A big milestone for mommy- we're already 2 weeks into our fall semester.  This means we're under 8 months now until graduation!  Our current classes are Family Centered Nursing (OB, pediatrics, and gerontology), Nursing Research, and Psychiatric Nursing.  I think it's going to be a fun semester!  I start my pediatrics rotation in clinical next Tuesday.  I'm so excited.  We went to orientation at Children's Mercy today and I just love the environment.  I could see myself going to work there everyday and being happy.  We'll just see what happens when patient care starts...
Hope this finds you well!
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