Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 things I love

Did you know that the tradition of 'valentines' started around the 15th century when lovers (insert French accent) sent flowers, confectionaries, and cards to their significant others to express their love?  Crazy that we're still doing it so many years later, but I for one love to receive a good Valentine.  And this year my husband did NOT disappoint.  In fact, it might've been the best one yet!  He planned and cooked dinner- Stuffed peppers, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit, and wine.  AND he showered me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that even had some of the same flowers in our wedding.  It was very special.  And then to top it off with a very funny, Reid-like card that had a couple, smiling really big, on stilts on the front cover and the inside said, "Even the dumb-ass things are fun with you".  Perfect ending to a perfect night.  :)  Ha! 
So, in the honor of Valentine's Day and the holiday of lurrrve (insert French accent) I will share 10 things I love.
In no particular order...
1)  My little buddy Jack.  His sense of humor, the way he hugs me and runs to me when he's scared, and his big brown eyes.  He captures my heart every.single.day.
2) My hubby.  His sense of humor, the way he hugs me, and his big brown eyes (yes, the two boys in my life are quite similar).  He continues to capture my heart every day, too.  :)
3) I love breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes, french toast, eggs, bacon, anything...so good.
4) Sleeping in.  I feel very sleep deprived these days and any extra second I get I will take. 
5) Taking care of kiddos at work.  Seriously there is something about caring for a child that makes my heart feel full.  They put a smile on my face even in the saddest situations.
6) Movie nights/picnics in our living room.  We do this often since it's cheap and a) we have to eat and b) movies are fun!
7) Playing the piano.  Boy do I miss this luxury.  Someday I'll own a baby grand...
8) A good glass of Moscato or a Margarita.  Relaxing...
9) May 11th...this year it will be my 28th birthday AND my pinning for nursing school.  Woohoo...can't wait for this day!
10) And let's see...#10 today is reality TV.  Yes, I'm a glutton for crappy TV shows.  But, they are just fun and funny and I can always use a good laugh.

Hope your day was full of LOVE! 
Until next time...

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