Thursday, March 14, 2013


Today we had Jack's 4 year check up (holy cow he's gonna be 4!).  He got a clean bill of health and is right on track compared to the last two year. 
4 years old stats:
Height: 43.75 inches = 98th percentile.  The doctor told him that in a room of 100, 4 year old boys, only 5 would be taller than him.  He said, "Whoa...I'm tall!".  Haha!
Weight: 44.4 pounds = 95 percentile. 
From age 2-3 he had gained 6 pounds and grew 4 inches.  From age 3-4, whaddya know, he gained 6 pounds and grew 4 inches!  I'd say that's a pretty consistent kid. 

We've got lots of fun things planned for the birthday updates to follow. 
Until next time...

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