Monday, June 28, 2010

15 month stats

I can't believe Jack is 15 months old already!  We had his well baby check today.  I had the check ups mixed up, thinking this was the one WITHOUT shots, but turns out that's the next visit.  So, we had a little bit of a surprise with those.  Jack's fine though.  Barely cried this time.  Dr. Cattaneo says he's growing well and looks great.  He said, "This is not a normal 15 mos old check up.  Most kids are crying as soon as I walk in the door."  Jack was laughing and interacting with him.  He's our happy, healthy, growing boy!
Height: 32 3/4 inches- 90th percentile
Weight: 27 lbs 4 oz- 81st percentile
Head circumference: 19 inches- 77th percentile.

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