Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well, you can tell by the lack of posts that June has been extremely busy for us.  We've been to multiple weddings, birthday celebrations, family events, etc etc.  It has been a whirlwind of activities.  Instead of rehashing them all, I'll just say it's been a great month.  Let me highlight a few--
It's officially HOT and when the sun is out and the heat is up, what else is there to do than go swimming!  We took Jack swimming for his first (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th) time this month.  He was a little hesitant at first, but he loves it now. 
All decked out in swim gear for the first time:
Loving the water:
The first week in June my sister Lucy came to stay with us.  My parents went to Greece for 2 weeks, for their anniversary, and it was a perfect opportunity for Lucy to come visit.  She was such a big help and Jack LOVED having Aunt Lucy to play with.  We got to go to the zoo and a Royals game together and lots of pool time.  We just had a blast!
Lucy and Jack:
Jack and Lucy- sweating out the heat at the Royals game:
Me and bubs at the game:
After Aunt Lucy left, Jack got sick for just over a week.  That was our first real test with sickness.  Poop, puke, and everything gross.  He woke up one morning and lets just say I didn't think his room could smell that bad, EVER!  He ended up having a virus and we just had to wait it out.  He got to eat lots of Pedialyte popsicles and Gatorade that week.  Thankfully, he's all better and back to normal.  While he was sick we'd let him run around with his catch-all bib and a diaper.  We got some cute pictures (he looks pretty happy for being a sicky!).
Captain Pukey to the rescue!:
It was just so funny how his bib got turned around to be more like a cape:
In the middle of June, one of my best friends got married in St. Joe, MO.  Alessia and I met in college and have been close ever since.  She married a wonderful man and I feel honored to have shared in their day.  It was a fun-filled weekend with lots of friends and family. 
Alessia and I before the wedding:
My permanent wedding date (wouldn't want anyone else!):
Father's Day came and went quickly, with all the festivities that have been on the calendar.  Reid and Jack and I actually celebrated early with dinner and shoe shopping for daddy on Tuesday.  Reid had to work that day, so we knew it'd be better to spend the time together when we had it.  Since daddy was occupied on Sunday, Jack and I made the road trip to Wheaton, KS to see some of the Skoch family.  All 4 great grandkids were there (of course with their mommas, my cousins).  Grandma Skoch sure enjoyed seeing them I think.  It was a great day and so enjoyable to see the boys play together.  Jack even got to ride a horse! 
Jack and Great Grandma Skoch:
My Great Uncle Sylvester, My Grandma Eleanor, Jennifer and Emery, Jack and I, Kendra and Tucker and Tate:
Just last night we got to celebrate the marriage of Sheldon and Maria Cook.  Maria is my close friend from college and Sheldon and Reid played football together.  Again, another fun filled night of friends, good food, and just great memories.   We have had some great times at the wedding we've attended so far this year (and we're not done yet)! 
Had to take another picture with my husband.  Weddings are fun for us to attend; it's always sentimental and nice to remember our wedding day. :
Me and the beautiful bride, Maria:
Today, we helped celebrate our friend Owen Beasley's 1 year old birthday.  Jack and Owen are 3 months apart and his mommy and I are great friends.  It's so fun to watch these little boys grow up.  They're learning new things every day!  Amanda and I always laugh about how the boys are going to be getting dirty together, saying "Mom we want Owen/Jack to spend the night", and maybe even going to school together!  It's fun to think of all the exciting things to come. 
As far as our little one goes...he's sure growing fast.  I don't have his statistics for this month yet (15 mos check up on Monday), but he's a big boy.  He's taller than most of the little ones his age.  But, I suppose that's to be expected when your parents are tall.  He's saying a whole bunch of new words and he's really starting to communicate with us.  The most important word he's learned (at least to his daddy) is GOAL!  He shouts GOAL with the big boys during the World Cup matches.  :)  It's too precious.  I'll have to try and catch it on camera. 
Hope you've enjoyed June as much as we have!  Until next time...

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