Friday, February 18, 2011

17th on the 17th

Yesterday (2/17) marked the 23rd month Jack has been alive.  And he received a nice little gift- tooth number 17!  This is the first of his "2 yr molars" and boy has it been a long time coming!  Unfortunately, teething pains make being sick even worse.  Today we had to take him to the doctor's-- double ear infection.  This is Jack's 1st ear infection of his life and he's got it in both ears.  Poor little guy has been miserable.  He has been coughing and draining for 4 days now and for my own peace of mind, we took him in.  I was worried about RSV; which the doctor hasn't ruled out completely, yet.  He said likely the ear infection is causing the rest of the symptoms, so we'll treat those first.  And his lungs are clear, so that's a positive.  After his first dose of Augmentin this afternoon, I can tell we're making a little progress.  He actually ate some dinner!  So, here's hoping for continued improvements (they said he could get worse before better..of course). 
Hope you're staying well, with all the stuff going around!
Until next time...

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