Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is here!

Well, today is the start of an extremely busy spring for us in the Kirby household!  Our March and April, and a few May weekends are almost all full of fun activities! 
First off- I just want to put a plug in for Just Between Friends, a kids consignment sale franchise that I love!  This past weekend was the Spring sale for the northland location and boy was it awesome...again.  I took several items to consign and sold everything but about 5 items.  I made $110 and spent about $150, but hey, that's really only spending $40!  (Or at least that how I justified it to my dear hubby).  Plus I purchased Jack's entire summer wardrobe!  I got 17 shirts, 7 pairs of short, 7 complete outfits (so 7 more shorts and shirts), 2 swim trunks, 6 pairs of jammies, 3 plates, 2 DVD's, and 3 books...all for $150!  I was really excited about my finds and I think the only thing we'll have to buy is some shoes when his foot grows a little bit.  So, please, if you have children or you have children's items you want to sell, check out their website--www.jbfsale.com and search for a sale near you!  It is totally worth it!
Next BIG news for the Kirby household- Reid accepted a position with Cerner Corporation, a medical software company.  He will start March 7th and is going to be in a program called Velocity Business Consultant training.  He'll have weeks of training and then placed into a role.  This is such a great opportunity for not only him, but our family as well.  We will finally have a normal schedule- no nights and weekends (for now).  There is a potential for Reid to do some travelling, but it will likely be during the week.  And he is excited about some travelling- this is something he loves to do! 
With the new job/hours, Jack will be going to daycare.  I signed him up last night, actually.  He'll start Monday morning at Caroline's House.  The biggest "positive" for us is that the daycare is literally 1 mile (if that) away from our house, and I pass it on my way to/from work everyday.  He'll be in a room with 4 other 2 year olds.  At this point their in a transition room and then soon, they'll move into the 2 year old preschool room.  They've been waiting on another 2 year old enrollment to make the switch in rooms, so it will be perfect for all of us.  Another "positive" is that his teacher is a girl that used to work with Reid at Hy-Vee, so she's a familiar face.  I'm not as nervous about this transition as I thought I might be (ask me again Sunday night!).  Jack is very social and I think it will be such a wonderful thing for him to create new friendships and learn how to interact with other kids.  I'm hoping he will learn to share better, communicate his feelings, and learn to play in a group. 
So, lots going on, like I said.  Here's a glimpse into our calendar this next month:
March 5-6th: Jack and Mommy to Wichita for my cousin's baby shower
March 7th: Daddy's 1st day at Cerner, Jack's 1st day at school
March 10-12th: NE state basketball in Lincoln.  My brother Timothy is a Junior and this is the 4th straight year they've been to state.  They won the last 3 years! 
March 12th: Mommy has orientation for William Jewell BSN-AT program.
March 17th: Jack is 2! 
March 18th/19th: Jack's birthday party weekend, plus Sammy and the Atchison's are visiting
March 25-27th: Skoch family in town

Whew...You get the idea...and this is JUST MARCH!  So many exciting things to look forward to. 
Until next time...

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