Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catch up

Ok- I've failed in the past month...but, forgive me...life is starting to really pick up!  We've been all over the place and very busy the past 4 weeks.  We've made 1 trip to Hastings (another this weekend, then 2 weeks from now), mommy had a college reunion/girls trip, preparing for mommy to go back to school, daddy is settling in to his new job, and Jack is still loving every minute of school!
This past weekend we had a lovely, relaxing Easter--for the most part.  Aside from a little stomach bug that gave Jack (well, really gave mommy and daddy) some not so nice surprises in his diaper, we had a good weekend.  On Saturday we spent the day with Reid's family and started at their church for an egg hunt/inflatible jumpers/prizes.  It was tons of fun and Jack took part in his 1st egg hunt ever.  At first he didn't know what to think and then just started screaming excitedly and figured it out quickly. 
Jack's ready to hunt:
Cousin Ella covered in eggs:
Since that first hunt, we've been having to hide and hunt eggs every minute he sees his Easter basket.  So, we are obliging for 1 week, then the basket goes back into storage. 
On Sunday, Jack woke up to his gifts from the Easter bunny..still mostly excited for the eggs.  But, he did like his Cars bubblebath, a book about the movie Rio (which we'll be seeing next weekend), and his soccer shaped marshmallow sucker.  We went to Mass as a family and then lunch with Grandma, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Scott, Aunt Tes and all the kiddos.  It was so nice to hang out as a big family.  Sunday evening we had dinner with my brothers and Angela (Ben's gf) at 54th St.  A good way to top off the already indulgent weekend.  :)
Jack playing in the dandelions:
Family photo, Easter morning:
So, that's Easter weekend in the smallest nutshell I could find.  The next few weeks are even busier for us.  We are going to Hastings this weekend to watch Maggie and TIm in Sound of Music production at St. Cecilia High school.  Maggie is Maria and Tim is Rolf (Liesl's love interest).  We're so excited to see them and we know it's going to be great.  Then it will be May and the countdown begins for the start of my school.  May 18th is the big day.  I have lots of work to do, so I'll do my best to give updates as I can. 
Jack's doing great at school and we're loaded up on spring projects already.  It's time to send some to the grandmas!  He is getting ready to move to the 2-3 classroom, to make room for younger kids.  I think it will be a great fit.  He already interacts well with most of those kids and he is able to communicate well with them, too.  I'm happy he still loves it there. 
That's about it from the Kirby camp... hope you had a Blessed Easter!
Until next time...

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