Saturday, May 7, 2011


Part of Jack's Easter basket was tickets to the movie Rio!  We finally got a free day to do this.  We just got back from Jack's first movie adventure.  He was pretty frightened by how loud the theatre was.  He's never been big on loud noises.  I could tell he was nervous, so I put him on my lap and his heart was racing!  But, after the movie started he mellowed out a bit.  Then when Nigel, "mean bird", came on the screen, he said, "I want to go bye bye.  I no like this movie.  I no like birds."  Ha- tough cookies--but, he stuck it out and by the end he was dancing the Samba with the cast. :) 
I highly recommend this movie if you have children.  It's colorful and fun and gets you dancing.  Plus the cast is full of great actors: Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, and my favorites are Nico- Jamie Foxx and Pedro- (see below).  Definitely a cute movie.

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