Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Somebody Pinch Me!!

Ok- I can't put this off any longer!  I have been wanting to write an update for like 10 days, but I've been SO incredibly busy.  And Jack just walked through the door from school with another great "potty report card" from school, so I have to share...we're POTTY TRAINING!  Wow...I did not think this day would come!  It definitely has been up and down, but for the most part he's doing really great!  The hardest part, which I figured, would be going #2, but I think he's doing better!  He even went #2 at school today!  It's the best feeling when he comes home in the same outfit that he left in!  :)  He usually brings home his report card FULL of "potty" checkboxes filled and it makes my heart leap with pride!  He's waking up in the morning and at nap time dry.  This past weekend he had 2 outings with no just seems like a dream!
We're doing a potty chart at home.  I made a CARS themed chart complete with fans in the stand to cheer him on!  He gets a sticker for every time he goes and he only has about 5 spots left until he gets to go to the toy store and get a new CARS figurine!  It's great motivation and fun for us to look at his progress.  He likes to count all the stickers he has. 
Another big milestone, another that I thought would never come, is that Jack no longer uses a pacifier.  About 3-4 weeks ago he just randomly stopped using it!  Reid told him it was "missing" one night and we've barely heard a peep about it since.  I'm thankful he didn't make much of a fuss...I that it would be much more difficult to get rid of. 
I can't believe how big my little man is getting.  He's still WAY into CARS, the movie.  We even got to see CARS 2 in the theatre with my whole family.  And then of course "Grandma Ginny" spoiled him with 3 new CARS figurines.  My favorite thing is to watch him have conversations with the cars.  He's so imaginative. 
Here's my big boy-- he's getting taller by the minute!
 This was funny- he was making faces at himself in the mirror before bath time. :)
Not a lot going on, besides school. This semester has been fairly rough.  I'm anxious for 10 day break starting Aug 13!  Only 2.5 weeks to we're in the home stretch for this semester.  This fall we'll be having OB/Peds, Gerontology (Elderly), and Mental Health.  I'm looking forward to all of those rotations...maybe one of them is my calling!?  I did get to spend a day at KU Med yesterday, in the Operating Room.  And while you may not think it's cool/glamorous...I got to insert my first catheter before he had surgery.  He was already knocked out by anesthesia, so it took away my nerves.  The surgery was cool- they took a sarcoma out of this man's back...along with it 2 pieces of ribs!  It was pretty intense, but very awesome.  Maybe the OR is my future home??  I'm looking forward to all the possibilities. 
On that note...I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for supporting me through this journey.  I realize I'm missing a lot of events and special occasions this year and I appreciate your understanding and patience.  I miss my "freedom" and all of my friends and family.  I can't wait to celebrate with you all when this is done.  :)
I think that's about it for now...hope this finds you well...
Until next time...

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  1. Yay for Jack! He's so cute and BIG! And you keep up the good work Lauren! I can't imagine the sacrifices you are making but I'm sure they will all pay off soon!