Monday, August 8, 2011

Some funnies...

You may have read on Facebook the funny things that Jack has been saying.  However, I need to document them (before I forget them!) so that he can see them some year down the road.  Our little guy is quite wordy these days and honestly, I just don't know where he gets half of it! 
**The other night at dinner he ate his bread and looked at Reid and asked for more bread.  Reid said, "No, eat your spaghetti."  Jack looked at me and said, "He told me no! (with tears in his eyes)"  I said, "Well, then no more bread.  Eat your spaghetti."  Well he sat up really straight and said, "It's my life!" 
**I kissed Reid one evening in the kitchen and Jack looks up at us and said, "What is this game?!  Why are you doing this game?"
**Jack was home with Reid while I was studying at school this past weekend.  Apparently Jack didn't like the way something smelled.  He told Reid, "You're stinky."  Reid said, "no I'm not.  What smells?"  Jack replied, "Your booty."  (Ha!)
**I asked Jack about having chicken nuggets and fries for dinner the other day.  He replied, "Yep, that'd be great.  That'd be really great."  :)
**"You're driving me bonkers."  --To me the other morning while I was trying to get us ready for the day. 
**"There's a storm coming.  We have to run and hide!"  --while the storm was approaching a few days ago. 
**"Mommy, I pooped in the potty and it was BIG!"  --my new favorite saying, because it means he actually went in the potty!

Hope you've had a good laugh.  We certainly have!
Until next time...

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