Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random 10

So, I haven't blogged recently, primarily because I haven't had time.  Secondly- I lack inspiration at the moments that I actually have free time.  So, I'm stealing from a friend's (yes, Molly you!) blog to write "10 random things in 10 minutes.....ready....GO!

1) I'm so happy to have my feet up after a long day.  Gerontology clinical was today at a nursing home and as much as I was dreading it, it turned out to be a great day.  My 2 patients were so sweet and friendly.  One said to me- "I hope you learned something from me and have a great future.  Lots of kids!"  :)  He was adorable.

2)  I'm really excited for the chicken, scalloped potatoes, dinner roll meal I'm about to whip up for my boys! 

3)  I don't really care about any of the dancers on DWTS and yet I CAN'T STOP WATCHING...ugh.  Such a waste of my little TV time I get.  I have SO many shows to watch so I suppose I could stand to "trim the fat".  But, again...can't let go! 

4)  Speaking of "trim the fat"-- yesterday I signed into Facebook and was absolutely apalled to see a porn picture blazing at me on my news feed from a "friend".  Apparently some stupid bug is going around posting bad pics without the owners knowing.  So, I have decided I'm trimming the fat. I do NOT need all these "extra" people on my sight.  Yes, I may know you and I might have talked to you 4 years ago, but really you're out.  However, the process of deleting people is taking WAY TOO LONG...so I got 30 off last night...probably need about 300 or so more done.  Maybe in class tomorrow!? :)

5)  I'm so ready for Thanksgiving break next week!  I have Tuesday- Friday off-- woo woo!!  I cannot even tell you how busy this week is and I am going to L-O-V-E some time off.  I will have some schoolwork to do, but I just need a break. 

6)  I wish I had more money.  Who doesn't, right?  I have so many things I wish I buy.  And things I wish I could pay off (loans, house, cars, water purifier...but that's a whole other story).  I should count my many many blessing and not complain about money...but I guess not having a job makes me wish it a bit more. 

7) I can't wait for Jack to get home in a few minutes.  It is one of the best feelings for him to run through the door and yell "mommmmmmy" and squeeze my neck so hard.  He is the sweetest boy ever.  The other day at dinner I said, "Jack Kirby..do you know what?  I love you."  He replied, "Aww- thank you.  You're so nice mommy.  I love you too."  Ah- melt my heart.

8)  I do not want to go to class tomorrow.  Or write my research paper.  Or go to clinical on Thursday.  Did I mention earlier I'm ready for break!?

9)  I'm running out of thoughts...oh here's one- I miss playing the piano.  I need to schedule that in some time....since i have to schedule everything.

10) I'm looking forward to a trip to the KC Zoo this weekend (weather permitting).  Free entry for KC, MO residents with a proof of residency.  We love the zoo and didn't get to go this summer, so I suppose November isn't too late, right!?

DONE!  Hope you enjoyed. 
Until next time...

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