Sunday, January 22, 2012


Another Monday test = a day full of procrastination.  I slept today for the first time in forever, due to shear exhaustion after this week.  We've been doing laundry, baked some ginger pumpkin bread, fixed some computer issues, updated my calendar, and now the only thing on my list is prepare for my exam tomorrow.  Yep, you're right...3rd exam in 3.5 weeks!  So, instead of studying I'll recap you in the happenings over the past two weeks!

*Just finished our first week of Management in Nursing.  I'm overwhelmed and scared for this semester.  BUT we're almost to February and it's just going to keep moving fast. 

*I've decided to take the NCLEX (boards for nursing) in Kansas.  Kansas does not require transcripts before allowing you to sign up for a test date.  So, instead of waiting until June-ish to test, I'm going to try and test during the last two weeks of May.  I'll be able to get a duplicate license in MO after I pay a small fee. 

*Reid and I toured 10 homes yesterday.  I think we're going to try and sell or rent out our house.  We found two homes that we love and could move into, tomorrow. But, a slight obstacle stands in our way and that's the current home.  Whichever comes first- renting or selling, we'll if you know friends/family/acquaintances that need a home...send them our way!!  You cannot rent an apartment with 3 bedrooms for what you could buy this house for. 

*Jack has been getting great reports from school and I think he's really enjoying being in the 4 y/o's classroom.  He's learning a lot and comes home with the best stories.  We're going to visit a preschool open house this coming weekend.  I'm really excited about this and hoping Jack enjoys it so we can sign him up for school!

*Reid won his fantasy football league and got a nice chunk of change as the prize.  So, after 3 years of nagging on him for spending $50 each year and losing miserably, he finally won.  AND he was smart and put $50 of it away for next year's league.  (Who says you can't train 'em with good habits)  :)

Not a whole lot else has been going on.  Just very busy with school and work and trying to squeeze in family time whenever we can.  Hope this finds you well.
Until next time...

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