Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 year old stats

This morning we had Jack's 3 y/o Well Child Check and he got a clean bill of health.  Here are the his 3 y/o stats:
Height:  40.5in - 98th percentile
Weight: 38.6lbs- 95th percentile

He has gained 6 pounds and grew 4 inches in the last year.  Dr. Cattaneo told us that his growth has been great, consistent and on track.  This past year he has been consistently between the 97-99th precentile for height and 85-95th percentile for weight.  I just plugged in his numbers on Height predictor.  A year ago it told us he had a 90% chance to be within 2 inches of 6'8" by the time he was 18.  Today, with his new measurements, he is predicted 90% chance to be within 2 inches of 6'2" by the time he is 18.  That's a little more believable. 

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