Monday, March 12, 2012

Hard not to get choked up

This morning I've been checking things off my to-do list left and right and it's a great feeling.  One of the items is "organize Jack's 3rd birthday".  First off, I cannot believe that in 5 days I'll have an official 3 year old.  It's just impossible...right?!  Just the other day he was this roly poly baby that slept and ate all the time.  I cannot believe how fast time is going.  I went back and looked at several of my online albums of all his pictures (and yes I shed a few tears).  He has grown up so much even just in the past year.  But, the physical change is amazing.  I have a little man now!  Just last night we buzzed his head from a MOHAWK into a buzz cut with RACING STRIPES on his temples since he's having a CARS birthday. Last night before bed he was trying to decide what his racing name will be for his birthday party.  It was just another awesome moment we shared.   
Here are just a few more of some of my favorite memories-
Nothing like a huge smile wearing his daddy's hat: 
 My sweet little "burger king": 
 Back in the day (when he used to puke everywhere) we would keep him in a bib all day.  Here is Super-puker to the rescue!  Still smiling: 
 A Liverpool fan from the beginning.  I love that he smiles all the time.  It's getting harder to get him to be so easy going about pictures: 
It's such a joy to have such a happy, funny, smart little man in my life.  I truly feel so blessed that God had this amazing plan for me and Reid.  Jack has changed our lives for the better in so many ways.  It's not always easy being a parent, but seeing all these memories helps me put things into perspective.  The good absolutely outweighs the bad.  I'm so excited for the future of this young boy.  I love you JGK--all the way to the moon!
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  1. Love this post!! What a blessing Jack has been in all of our lives!! We love him so much--Happy birthday Jack! - The Altenhofen's