Monday, November 8, 2010

Grandma's 80th

My grandma Eleanor Skoch (my dad's mom) turned 80 on 10/30/10.  On Halloween, my aunts put together a party for her at Crestview Manor, her residence.  It was a good turnout with lots of friends and family.  We made the trip to Seneca that day to see Grandma and it's always a bonus when we get to see other family members.  Jack and Emery modeled their costumes for us.  Thanks to my Uncle Les for taking and sending the pictures to me!  Here are a few great shots from the day. 
The grandkids + spouses at the party (and 2 great grandkids) with Grandma Eleanor:
I think this one looks like Jack's "rawr-ing" like a shark and Em's thinking "What is this kid doing?":
CHEESE!  Emery is 8 weeks older than Jack!  So fun to watch them grow together:
Lauren and Jennifer- BCF :)  :
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