Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had such a great time this Halloween!  Jack did his first trick or treating as a shark.  On Tuesday we went with my friend Amanda and her son Owen to Liberty Middle School.  The students decorated the halls and rooms as different movie themes (children's movies) and handed out candy.  It was nice and warm and a good practice round for the real deal. 
On Halloween night, he went around his grandma Judy's neighborhood, he went with his cousins around their neighborhood, and around our friend Lacey's neighborhood.  He would walk up to the houses and say, "Knock knock knock" and then when the door was opened he said, "Cook-er-eat!"  That is his version of "trick or treat".  He really got the hang of taking one piece of candy and placing it in his bucket.  And then he'd walk around making sure no candy fell out.  We got him to start saying, "Happy-een," which you might guess translates to Happy Halloween.  It was such a fun week!  Here's some pictures from our adventures:
"Mummy's Boy"- perfect shirt found on a kids sale:
Owen and Jack:
My little shark.  This make me think of his future "First day of school" pic.  He was just so good at standing still against the wall and cheesing:
Mommy and Daddy had a costume party on Saturday night- Sandy and Danny from Grease:
Halloween night at Grandma Judy's:
Happy Halloween from the Kirby's:
Reid taking Jack up to the spooky house:
Our little shark trying to bite through the wrapper of a Kit Kat:
Digging for more candy!:
Hope you had a safe Halloween.  Until next time...

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