Monday, March 28, 2011

2 year old assertiveness :)

Jack sure showed us that he's ready for some independence this past weekend.  My family was in town visiting (pics to come) and he ate up every second with his aunts/uncles/grandma/and ye-ye, that he could get.  He led them around the living room and played "Ring around the rosey" and "Hokey Pokey" and he sat and watched the Jayhawks WIN on Friday and unfortunately lose on Sunday.  He lasted through all the heartache, screams of agony from his uncles, and cheers and jeers.  About a year ago, he would've never been able to sit through that KU vs VCU game, with my siblings, because he couldn't stand loud noises.  But, yesterday he was yelling at the screen with the rest of them!  :) 
He's also been using the phrases, "" and "Uh...yes".  Kind of like a teenage girl talking with her girlfriends might say it..."uhhh...No!"  It's quite entertaining, even though he's telling us no.  We have no idea where he picked this up, either. 
And last but not least on the assertive train...Jack decided yesterday that he didn't like his bed anymore.  At nap time, he fought sleep really bad and I went upstairs to try and console him and he threw his pacifier out and said, "I don't like this bed!"  So, I didn't fight it, thought maybe he was distracted by the visitors and I agreed he could forego a nap.  Come bedtime...when he was VERY exhuasted after all the excitement we've had, he was crying and throwing his pacifier again.  He said, "I don't like this bed!"  So, we decided not to fight it (again) and put the mattress on the floor and made his "big boy" bed.  He sleeps on a cot at school and I'm thinking it's just been helping him transition naturally.  So, last night he laid right down on the mattress and said, "I want to sleep on the floor."  Literally 5 minutes later- he was OUT!  And slept the entire night!  So, we'll see how tonight goes and if we get another great night sleep..the crib is getting torn down and we're on the hunt for a real big boy bed! 
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