Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our independent, "school"-loving toddler

Jack is still LOVING every minute of "school".  He has been excited all 3 mornings this week so far and the last 2 days we've received a "sunny" rating on his report card.  My anxiety level is WAY down and I haven't even called to check on him today! (go me!)  I am so thankful that he's adjusting well. 
The last two morning's I've dropped him off, he's been very eager to get back in the building. 
Tuesday- since I haven't quite mastered the timing of leaving the house and getting to the building when they open, I ended up being 5 minutes early on Tuesday, so we had to wait in the car.  Jackwas squealingfrom the backseat, "I want to go to school!  I want to go to school!"  I said, "Just a minute, buddy...we have to wait for them to open the doors!"  When we did get inside, I took his jacket off and he promptly turned around and said, "Ok..buh bye mommy!" and waved me out the door.  At that moment, I realized he doesn't need me like he used to when he was a little baby.
Today (Wed)- we got there before his normal morning teacher and so he got to go to the 3 yr old room and wait.  He saw some new toys and was in awe.  He pulled out the drum and xylophone and exclaimed, "Oh my goodness!!"  Then he plopped down and smiled and said, "It's PERFECT!"  I could not even get him to say goodbye or I love you, to me because he was SO enthralled in those instruments.  :)  Not only does he take after his mother by loving school, but also her love of music.  (I knew there was part of me in his mix, somewhere...even if he's the spitting image of his father!)
Until next time...


  1. Awww-- I love it!! Thanks for posting this---someday he's going to love reading these posts! Yay for loving school and music!! Hugs to you all - Sarah A

  2. Ohhh, I bet it was definitely bittersweet that he was so indepedent and waving you off when you dropped him off. Love reading stories about Jack!