Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, Jack's been saying, what I think is, the word "Up!"  I don't think he quite understands the meaning, but he says "upf!"  It's so cute...he will say it all the time and he'll repeat it back to us.  So, likely it's just the sound he's repeating...but again...his mommy still thinks it's the actual word.  In church yesterday I whispered 'up' into his ear and he turned back and looked at me and squealed "Uuuuppf!"  haha.  I couldn't help but chuckle.   Needless to say I have to keep the pacifier 'muzzle' in, during church nowadays.
Today he took his first self-produced spill.  He was walking along with his walker and lost control.  He's doing very well with it, but sometimes he gets going a little too fast.  He's bonked his eye on the handle bar and now has a growing bruise on his right eyelid.  It has the potential to be a fairly big shiner. 
We've been blessed with some MAJOR sleep lately.  Last night he went to bed at 930pm and slept until 1051am!  I'm not sure what the deal is, but I'd venture to guess he's working on some more teeth.  He's been fairly fussy and squirly during the day.  So, tylenol and naps are the routine for now.  But I shouldn't complain...I'm still taking sleep where I can get it!  (That likely won't go away for awhile).  :)
Here's hoping for another great night of sleep! 
Until next time...

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