Sunday, December 13, 2009

The weekend is over!?!

Well, it's already Sunday evening and it seems that this weekend was over before I even got to blink!  If you haven't heard...the Northwest Missouri State U- Bearcats WON the Div 2 National Championship football game yesterday.  We beat Grand Valley State 30-23.  We spent the afternoon at Reid's aunt and uncle's house cheering on the 'Cats to victory.  It was quite surreal not being in the stands and watching Reid play, but we enjoyed the warmth of being in the front of the TV.  Jack was even getting in on the action...he was cheering along with us!  It's crazy to think that last year when we made the trip, I was 6 months pregnant!  And now, Jack's almost 9 mos old.  Time has just flown. 
Here's a picture of Jack with Daddy after the game:

Smiles up on Daddy's shoulders cheering at halftime:

Today we have just been hanging out and enjoying a quiet day.  I sang at the 4:30pm Mass last night and so we got to sleep in today.  It's always nice when we get to do that.  Tonight Jack and I are going to try and get the rest of the presents wrapped and under the tree. Daddy left for work about 3:45pm.  Tomorrow starts the last full week of work until Christmas!  We're getting excited at the Kirby household.

We tried to take a picture of Jack standing by himself in front of the tree, but he was preoccupied with all the "pretty's" as we like to call the ornaments:

Hope all is well and everyone is staying warm!
Until next time...

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