Friday, December 4, 2009

Talkin' to that BABY in the mirror....

So cute not to share--
Last night, I took Jack with me for a little retail therapy yesterday at Kohl's (I can't resist a good deal). While I was trying on clothes I parked his stroller in front of the mirror. Well, he was NOT having it at all and he squealed and wiggled his way so much, mommy gave in and took him out. So then, I find myself sitting on the bench in the changing room, half dressed, and I'm thinking to myself "well what am I going to do now...I can't hold a baby and try on clothes." So, I stood him up next to the mirror and he just had a cow! He was talking to himself, pointing, and laughing. He would slap his hands (kinda like he was giving himself a high-five). It was adorable.
One of those moments I wish I had a video camera.....:)
Any time you need a good babysitter while you're shopping alone with a baby...the mirror worked wonders for me!
Until next time...

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