Thursday, February 11, 2010

He's a natural...

I needed to get some updated photos of Jack, so tonight I let him play with his daddy's XBOX stuff.  He loves controllers/electronics of all sorts.  These are some pretty cute moments I caught.
Bringing mommy the controllers:
Already speaking gaming lingo: 

We've been pretty busy around our household lately.  There are some major changes happening at my work with budget cuts, so I'm working as much as I can at home, while being Mommy too.  I need to just take one day at a time and be thankful for every day of employment.  I'm not to the "worried about losing my job" point yet, but major changes are taking place.  So, we just never know.  I'm hoping this weekend we can focus on relaxing and enjoying being together.  Saturday, Reid gets the day off, so we're going to celebrate Valentine's Day early and hopefully have a couple hours without Jack to get dinner and have a date.  On Sunday, I am singing in our church choir for Mass and then we'll likely join Reid's family out for lunch.  He's working that evening, so I've invited a nurse friend from work, to have dinner and I'll share my little man as her valentine, too.  :) 
We hope you get to spend the weekend with those you love! 
Until next time....

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