Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pictures, pictures, pictures

Since Jack has become more and more mobile/independent, it's been hard to snap some good shots.  So, in the last couple of days I've literally followed him around with a camera and caught some good ones.  Just wanted to share a few. 
I made a little "movie" chair for the big guy so he could watch his favorite movie...none other than Mother Goose.  It just happens to the be the same Mother Goose I watched as a kid (and loved).  I bought it for him on DVD and I love that he adores it as much as me:
Daddy and mommy were playing "find Jack" and chasing him around the house.  He loves to play like we're chasing him:

Jack sporting a new spiky 'do.  He needs a haircut really bad, but it's getting really good at spiking:

Just a few pics to update with.  In 2.5 weeks, he'll be 1...we're just in awe at how this first year has flown by.  We love being parents and this face just makes us smile all the time.  :) 
Until next time...

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