Saturday, February 27, 2010

A little retail therapy goes a LONG way!

Today was the semiannual Just Between Friends (JBF) sale in KC.  ( check out the link for a sale near you!)  This has quickly become one of my favorite events for Jack.  I started going with a friend who was pregnant with me at the same time and this was my 4th sale.  Basically JBF is a consignment sale and has EVERYTHING you could possibly need for a child from birth to preteen.  It's definitely better if your child is younger, only because as they get older, the items get more wear and tear.  Well, today I got a great start on Jack's summer wardrobe...all for under $100.  These are name brand items for a 1/4 of the original price.  I bought some swim trunks with matching body shirt for $6 and some velcro sandals for only $1!  I even managed to square away an Easter outfit that's going to compliment my brown eyed boy, quite nicely.  Now I'm really wishing the sun would come out so he can start wearing all of it.
This year I decided to be a consignor as well.  I obviously want more children, but there were things we didn't get to wear with Jack (wrong seasons/sizes) and I just don't have room to store it all.  So, I kept the favorites and prepared about 50 items to sell.  With the money I make from the sale, I will hopefully cut my cost down significantly.  It was fun for me to see people at the sale today, checking out my gear I had on the racks.  :) 
Not much is going on the rest of the day, so I think I'm going to untag and wash it all.  Reid just left for work.  Jack's fighting his nap today, so we're just going to hang out and hope for an early bed time. 
Hope you're having a great weekend!  Until next time...

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