Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, today is day three of the ferber method at our house.  It's working ok.  Reid was home on Monday and successfully "ferberized" Jack at naptime and night time.  It's easier for him to do it because I can't listen to Jack cry.  Monday night he slept fairly well, too.  One little peep around 1:30am that didn't require attention, was all!  Yesterday he took a nap around the same time as Monday and the method worked again.  Last night he had a couple moments where he'd wake up and 2-3 minutes of fussing/crying and he'd be back to sleep.  Around 3am, he woke up and we let him cry for a bit...well then he must've fell into the crib because we heard a crash and then screaming.  So we let him lay with us for a few minutes.  He wasn't happy with that either, so back to the bed.  He cried and fussed off/on from about 310am till almost 4am.  It was a long 50 minutes for this momma.  But, we're staying strong...or at least trying to. 
I don't think we're doing too much damage to him.  I was worried he'd wake up mad at us for letting him cry all night.  This morning he was awake and all smiles when I left for work, so I think he forgave us again.  (Or he just has no recollection.)  :) 
Here's hoping for success!  We'll keep you posted.
Until next time...

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