Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1 year well baby check

Today was Jack's 1 year well baby check.  I was nervous even walking in the door because I knew he'd have to get shots today.  I'm never excited about those and today I had to go by myself because Reid was working.
However, all is well with Jack.  The doctor was extremely pleased with his growth.  They walked me through his growth chart and said his progress is normal.  He's 25 lbs 1oz, 31 inches long, both 80th percentile.  His head is measuring 19 inches and the 90th percentile.  Dr. Cattaneo said he was able to observe alot of important milestones, just from watching him interact today.  So, that was encouraging. 
Doc gave us the go ahead to switch to whole milk and said NO MORE BOTTLES!  This will be a big change for Jack, but I think he's already transitioning well.  He took his sippy cup, fairly well with dinner, but the taste was obviously not the same.
He also noticed that Jack's working on some upper molars already.  Which would explain why he chews on his hands all day long.  :)  Doc said it would take some time, but that would be the explanation.  I was thinking, "Great!  More fun teething days ahead of us!" 
All in all, I'm pleased with our report.  The shots didn't kill either of us; the baby is already sleeping for the evening.  Our frequency in visits lower significantly, so we'll keep you posted about his growth as we can.  Until next time...

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