Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Soccer-ific celebrations!

Well, the 1st birthday party was a complete success.  I tried to stay organized through the week and that helped me so much!  We had so much fun: from the soccer decorations, to the food, to the wonderful friends and family that were so generous to our little man.  I couldn't have asked for anything more, even with the snow storm!  We're grateful that everyone made it to/from KC safely. 
On Friday night my mom and family made it into town before the bad weather started here, but they drove in it most of the way.  We hung out for awhile but had to get to bed because we had an early morning of decorating cupcakes/cake!  Jack's party was, of course, a soccer theme.  I made a half soccer ball cake and the cupcakes were frosted (with the help of my siblings) like "grass".  It was really fun planning all of this. 
We're thankful for Mark and Jayne, Reid's aunt/uncle, for letting us use their home.  It worked out well to have the open space for all the guests.  The boys hung out downstairs and watched basketball and mostly the girls/family were upstairs. 
I'm completely overwhelmed with the gifts that Jack received.  It was fun to see him open things and I know his reaction isn't like a 5 yr olds, but I know he had fun.  We have so many things to take out of the boxes, we could save one for each month of the next year!  He is going to have something fun to do everyday for awhile.  I love it. 
After gifts it was time for cake and singing.  This was really fun for me.  He didn't know what to do at first, but shortly after, we realized he inherited his mother's sweet tooth.  He went at it!  Eventually I gave him his own slice and in 3 bites, no kidding, he was done.  Everyone was laughing...it was pretty crazy to see him shove the whole piece in his mouth.  I think he had a great time. 
My cousin Jennifer, her husband Patrick, and Emery (8 weeks older than Jack) made the trip from Wichita.  It's been so fun for us to be pregnant together and see our boys grow up together.  It was really awesome to see the boys interact this weekend.  They stayed overnight at our house on Saturday evening.  We made dinner and just hung out.  I truly think Emery is scared of Jack...Jack just followed him around like a puppy dog.  Kind of like I followed Jennifer around when we were little.  I always wanted to be like her, cause she was older.  But, just like I was taller than her, Jack is taller than Emery.  At one point, Jack stole Emery's pacifier and stuck it in his own mouth.  It was hilarious.  Jack doesn't have interaction with other kids, so that was fun for me to see (not so fun for Emery).  :)  Hopefully Jack doesn't end up being a bully someday due to his lack of social interaction.  ha!
Here are some pictures of the fun weekend:
The soccer cake spread:
Family picture before gifts started:
After a few bites of frosting he was digging it:
3 bites and his piece was entirely gone...seriously:

Well, that's it for the birthday celebration.  Thanks again for all your love and support through our first year.  We love our little guy so much and are looking forward to the new and exciting things ahead for us.
Until next time...

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