Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, Fun day!

This morning, I was not very optimistic when I woke was cloudy, overcast, and just dark all day - not the ideal photo taking day.  I emailed my photographer and asked her personal opinion and she said we should just go for it.  What do you know-- right before we left for the park...the sun came out!  It was BEAUTIFUL!  We took the pictures in Parkville, MO which sits right on the Missouri river bank.  (Not by all the industrial stuff; in a much prettier setting).  There was an old bridge, a park bench, nice open landscaping, and even some soccer goals!  We had so much fun and Jack was very cooperative.  Of course, we had to take a soccer ball along for some photos as well.  I'm so anxious to see the finished product.  More to come...
Monday nights are volleyball nights, so that made things even better.  We lost, but only by a few points, to the #1 seed in our league.  Surprisingly we played pretty well for having only 5 players.  I went to the grocery store aftewards and starting stocking up for the big birthday bash this weekend.  It's only a few days away, but we have a lot to do!  My family is coming into town on Friday night to help with some prep work.  I can't wait. 
In just under 36 hours, Jack will turn 1!  It's unbelievable that it's here already.  It feels pretty surreal.  He's such a big boy these days.  I don't think I can call him a "baby" anymore.  Tonight he was practicing going DOWN the stairs!  He would crawl up 2-3, then stop and think and brace himself, and head back down.  After he was down, he's squeal with pride.  It was so much fun to cheer him on.  I'm excited for all the new adventures we're going to experience this coming year.
Stay tuned for birthday pics...Until next time...

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