Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, it's here...the days of defiance have started.  :)  Jack began shaking his head 'no' at my request yesterday.  It caught me off guard and I had to laugh, so of course he thought it was funny when I laughed.  Jack was playing with the fireplace vent (we have a gas fireplace that is off at the moment) and I said, "No Jack, come away from there."  And he backed up against the wall, with his hand remaining on the vent, and gave me those devious eyes of his.  He knew I wanted him to come away from it, but he tested me.  Finally I said, "No Jack, come here."  And he shook his head 'no'!  I'm sure he'll continue to learn the uses for no.  But, secretly I'm excited that we've discovered another way to communicate with him, or rather for him to communicate with us.
Until next time...


  1. Ah - the fun begins! Just wait until it's verbal, and emphatic... He's such a cutie. I'd love to get together soon...let me look at the calendar. It's crunch time until about the 5th of June with FerilityCare stuff.

  2. I nanny 2 children and it's so hard not are so cute...even when they are being naughty. ha!