Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update here, update there...

It's been a little bit since I've updated...since the last time, we've added a new Kirby to our family!  Ella Valentine Kirby, 9lbs 2 ozs was born on 4/29/10 to Reid's brother Scott and his wife Tes'.  She is so incredibly sweet and looks like her daddy! 
I'm one proud aunt already!
This past weekend Jack spent his first overnight at Grandma Judy's while Reid and I attended a wedding in St. Louis.  It was a wonderful evening of "adult time", reconnecting with old friends.  And Jack did great!  Grandma said he slept from 8:30-8 when she woke him for church! 
We had our first "Parents As Teachers" visit yesterday and it was nice to get some more information about developmental cues and things we can do to encourage his continued growth mentally and physically.  She basically told us that Jack looks "completely normal".  :)  We talked about gaining independence, appetite changes at this stage, specific skills he's mastering, and sleep changes.  This was our 1st and only visit this school year.  I'm already looking forward to the things we'll learn next year.  When Kathy, our educator, left she said, "Jack will be a whole different kid next time I see you!"  And she's right, he changes every day! 
A few things that Jack has started doing in the last couple of weeks:
* He's waving when we say bye-bye.  It's more of a "come here" gesture, because his hand is turned upside down, but it's adorable.  He smiles so big and waves to a LOT of people now. 
* He has been mimicking the words "Thank you" and "good". 
*Jack LOVES reading his books.  Recently he's started bringing us books and wanting to crawl up in our lap and read, right before bed time. 
*He has learned how to sign "food" or "eat" when he wants food.  This has been one of the BEST ways to communicate, in just the one day he's been doing it.  We are definitely continuing to learn other signs. 
We're looking forward to another busy weekend.  Saturday is another wedding reception, Sunday is Mother's Day and Reid's mother is cooking for the family.  Monday is our 2 year wedding anniversary and Tuesday is my 26th birthday!  It's a big weekend/beginning of next week.  We're looking forward to some great memories to be made. 
Until next time....

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