Monday, November 23, 2009

6 months old! (9/17/09)

Well, today my little bubby is 6 months old! I can't believe how time has flown. He's growing bigger by the minute and turning into quite the little character. He's wearing 12 month clothing and I've got to get on the ball with finding something for him to wear and sleep in, or he's going to be in a diaper! :) And sometimes I feel like his diapers aren't even big enough and we're in size 4's people!

This past week has been marked with a few 1st's...1) he's found the thumb! While I think it's just a chew toy at this point, he sure likes to have it in his mouth alot. I'm praying he doesn't get hooked on sucking it, like his mother did. I might as well start saving now for orthodontia! 2) Jack has learned how to pound and make LOTS of noise. When he's in his exersaucer, he'll take his pacifier or teething ring and pound it all over his exersaucer. It's funny to watch because he just goes around and around to make sure he's hit every part of it. 3) Jack has been getting up on all fours now for a little over a week. Pretty soon he'll be mobile. He's figure out how to 'lunge' forward to grab what he wants. He's getting VERY strong and we love rooting him on. 4) He's definitely learned that he can follow things and 'find' things when he 'loses' them. He'll toss his pacifier over the side of the exersaucer and instead of just play with something else, he tries to peak over the ledge and whines for it to be picked up. If he drops his pacifier in his chair, he knows to lean back and find it. He's very smart!

We're still battling reflux....we had to make a medication adjustment this past week. I tell you prayers are plenty that God will just make the child stop throwing up. We average 1 load of Jack's laundry ALONE, every other day, if not each day. The med change has helped with his fussiness for the most part, but we're still seeing the puke. And anyone that knew me growing up (my mom especially) knows how much I HATE puke from a baby.

My job change has been really good so far. I went back to 5 day work weeks about 2 weeks ago. I'm REALLY enjoying being home by 330 and being able to spend more time with Jack. I also enjoy getting to spend a short 10 mins with Reid before he leaves. I feel like I get to see him more, even if it is only an extra 10 minutes.

No real big plans in the near future. We've got some get togethers coming up with friends that we're looking forward to. Hopefully we can get Daddy to take a Saturday off and get Jack to Maryville for a Bearcat football game. We also are trying to plan a trip to visit cousin Emery! Hope this finds you well and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having!

Lots of love and thanks for coming to visit Jack's page-- Lauren

Happy 6 months old:

Trying to crawl:

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