Monday, November 23, 2009

Go Royals! (5/21/09)

We took Jack to his first Royals baseball game last night, Royals vs. Indians. Sadly the Royals lost, but Jack was great and enjoyed almost every minute of it! We were somewhat nervous about taking a baby to a game, especially because of the heat. But, our seats were under the overhang, section 216 right up from 3rd base, so no sun! Reid's boss offered his season tickets for last evening and it was an offer we couldn't pass up! It was really fun and Jack wore his "Li'l Slugger" uniform and baseball cap. The cap was huge, but he looked darn cute in it. He even got a certificate commemorating his first Royals game. It says "Official Royals Fan" and it's definitely going in his baby book. I'll post pictures later this evening. Oh...and the best part about the Royals game, it wore Jack out! He slept from 10:30pm-6:30am!!! That's a record at the Kirby house.

I think we'll be attending a few more games this season.... :)

Jack in his baseball outfit/hat:

Jack and mommy cheering on the Royals:

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