Monday, November 23, 2009

Jack is HERE! (3-20-09)

Well, if you haven't heard, Jack Gerrard Kirby was born on 3/17/09, St. Patrick's Day. He weighed in at a whopping 11 lbs and was 21 3/4 inches long!! He is simply beautiful!! We couldn't be more excited that he's in our world.

Jack was born via c-section (thank goodness for mommy) and things couldn't have gone smoother. Mom and Dad went to the hospital at 7am on Tuesday morning and mommy got prepped for surgery. I was nervous, but very ready and knew I just needed to get through the prep work and then it'd be a piece of cake. The worst part was the local anesthetic for the spinal block. But, then my legs got warm and I was numb. The doctor got right to work and Reid got to sit next to my face. Daddy was nervous and excited and anxious to get first pictures! I just kept waiting to hear his first cry! After some tugging, Dr. Reynolds pulled his head out and said, "You definitely made the right choice". Then a press on my sternum and a huge tug and then PLOP, I felt my stomach deflate and a big weight added to my legs. Everyone in the operating room was like, "WHOA! That's a big boy!" Reid got to take his first pictures while he was on the warmer and I could see him across the room and he was nice and pink and crying!! I couldn't help but cry. It was a beautiful moment. The wrapped him up really good, so good in fact that I couldn't see his face. But, Reid brought him over to me and as soon as he heard my voice, he stopped crying. His big hands were reaching for my face and he put his fingers in my mouth. It was awesome to meet my son.

They took Jack off to the nursery to weigh him and finished sewing me up. We were wheeled into the recovery room and waited on our little one and started telling friends and family. Then..the nurse wheeled Jack in and said, "Here's your toddler". :) It was awesome to hold him. We attempted to breastfeed and he latched right on. I just couldn't believe he was here...and not inside me!

Over the last 3 days in the hospital we've been blessed with many friends and family visiting. It's been fun to see Jack's mannerisms on the outside of the womb. He is INCREDIBLY strong. He already holds his head up and kicks away from being too scrunched up. During pregnancy, his little legs would kick me up into my ribs and he'd fight back as I'd try to push them down!

We came home today and we're getting settled. Mom is still waiting on milk to come in and so feeding is kind of a challenge, but we're working on it. Well, the little guy is waking up from a nap. I better get ready...more details and pictures to come!

Much love~ Mom and Jack!

BEFORE: 6am-- heading to the hospital 39 wks and 4 days pregnant

AFTER: Our first family picture

Getting ready go home from the hospital

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