Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleep patterns

Yesterday Reid and Jack visited the pediatricians office one more time to rule out an ear infection again.  Jack's sleeping pattern has been totally out of whack and apparently, mommy and daddy aren't helping.  Dr. Sullivan said we need to get him back into a pattern and she gave us a long handout on ways to "create a pattern".  Basically Jack needs to learn how to put himself to sleep so when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he can know to just go back to sleep, without mom or dad comforting him. 
Now, we've been working on moving his sleeping times up (instead of 10-9am, we've got it to 9-8).  That's been working pretty well.  However, there have still been frequent wakenings.  So, I gritted my teeth and tried to do the whole "put him down when he's drowsy".  Basically, the cry it out method.  He was screaming and crying...and it just broke this mommy's heart.  I tried to keep busy and would check on him every 5-7 minutes.  I'd go in and lay him back down (because he'd be standing at the crib side wailing) and pat his back.  But, he'd hop up and latch on for dear life.  So, I'd leave the room again and the crying would get loud again.  So...I broke.  After 30 minutes of crying you'd think the kid would be tuckered out.  I picked him up and brought him into my room and laid next to him.  Within 2 minutes, he was out.  I broke rule #1- no co-sleeping. 
I think/hope/pray it'll get easier and he'll catch on quickly.  I'm motivated to get him back to his good, restful nights sleep.  And I'm motivated to get my good, restful nights sleep back too!  Keep us in your prayers as we try and tackle our sleepy time monster :).
We've got a fun day ahead.  Today my dad is in town and I'm taking off early (Reid's got the day off) and we're going to go to lunch together. Grandpa Skoch will get to hang out with Jack for a bit and it should be a good start to the weekend.  Tonight, Reid's best friend and his girlfriend are joining us for homemade pizza and games. Definitely keeping me motivated to get through the day. 
Hope you have a great weekend...until next time...


  1. Hang in there Mommy (and Jack)! It's hard to implement later, but worth it once a schedule and self-soothing emerges. They really are happier babies (and mommies!) in my experience. Have a GREAT day!

  2. We're thinking of you!! It's much harder on Mommy than it is on baby. Just stick with it and you will see results!! Love you!