Friday, January 22, 2010


Just a quick update--Jack made it through the day yesterday with little to no screaming.  The doctor had suggested we increase frequency and decrease the volume of his meals.  We're back to feeding approx every 2 hours to keep him full.  He's liking all the snacks!  :) 
We also have tried to move back his sleep patterns.  He's been staying up until all hours (1230-1am!) lately.  So, Reid's making a great effort to get up at 8am with him, instead of sleeping all morning.  I hope that we'll all get on a better schedule because momma doesn't funtion on 4-5 hours of sleep very well.  Yesterday was day one of the new sleep pattern and Jack took his nap early (1pm) and was tired and ready for bed by 8pm!  He took his bottle well and fell right asleep.  He had one wake up around 10:30pm but just wanted his pacifier.  He was still asleep when I left at 7am!  And Reid woke him around 815.  Here's hoping for another good day/night! 
We're still not sure what is causing the screaming fits, but I do suspect he may have a tooth or two coming in.  He's also still taking the reflux meds.  Today is day 7.  My cousin sent an interesting article about children that start waking up frequently when they are about to walk.  It also said not to be surprised if they scream when you walk away, because they are the ones that want to be upright and walking.   Jack is just starting walking and so maybe that it's!? 
This weekend Jack and mommy are road-tripping to Wichita for cousin Emery's 1st birthday.  Daddy has to work all weekend (boo).  But, we're excited to help him celebrate!  I just can't believe these boys are already turning 1!
Have a great weekend.  Thanks for the positive thoughts/prayers...keep them coming for continued improvement!
Until next time...

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