Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend Update

The weekend is here and I fear I'm not going to catch up on much sleep very much.  We've had kind of a rough week in the Kirby household.  Last week Jack was sick with cough/snotty stuff and just when we thought that was over, he began having screaming fits.  We're talking full out, alligator tears, 'don't hold me', screaming at the top of his lungs for 10-20 minutes.  I've gone over so many scenarios in my head: teething, a reflux flare up, exhaustion, hunger...but I just couldn't figure it out.  He hasn't been sleeping, which has caused me to not be sleeping; so we're a bit behind in the Zzz's department.  Today I broke down and called the doctor's for suggestions.  The triage nurse was concerned he may have an ear infection, because it's common for kids not to have symptoms like fever, etc, with ear infections...but it could have been the cause for the pain, which in turn caused the screams.  However, his ears checked out and the doctor and I had a long conversation about possibly starting reflux meds again.  Long story short, the long screaming spells didn't make her think of teeth.  She said usually teething is just fussiness.  So, Jack is back on Prevacid.  I'm willing to try anything at this point and she said it's not uncommon for reflux to reappear after you think it's gone.  The cool thing is...we get to use Solu-tabs, instead of a compound, so we got some FREE samples to try!  I felt better about that, because it's sure expensive to try it and not work.  So, I'm sure an update will follow about how this is going, in the future.  Thankfully, he's sleeping soundly right now.  :)
This weekend is quite busy for us.  Reid is working now, until midnight, and then has to get up and work 8-4pm tomorrow and 8-4pm on Sunday.  Tomorrow evening, we're getting together with a dear high school friend of mine.  She has a 4 month old daughter, so maybe Jack's going to meet his future wife?!  haha  It will be great to catch up with her; we haven't seen each other in probably 2 years!  Sunday is Reid's sister's birthday and we're celebrating with pizza....always a great birthday dinner choice, in my book. 
We hope you're having an enjoyable weekend, wherever you are.  Until next time...

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