Monday, January 25, 2010

Already chasing the ladies...

I almost feel like I haven't had a weekend, it flew by so fast!  We spent Saturday morning as a family with homemade pizza for lunch and we watched the Hangover.  (Well, Reid and I watched and Jack played).  It was nice to get some time together.  Work keeps us so busy and relaxation was much needed.  On Sunday, Jack and I took a LONG road trip to Wichita, KS for cousin Emery's (my cousin's baby) 1st birthday.  We were so thankful to have Ms. Melanie Davison along for the ride.  It worked out perfectly for her to ride with, since her family lives there.  I would've been in BIG trouble without her, since she even sat in the back and entertained Jack for the car ride home.  The ride down wasn't so bad, but home was hard because it was right through his dinner time.  Melanie fed him in the carseat and we kept trucking.  He was great until the last 20 minutes (after I dropped Mel off).  He screamed the WHOLE way home.  But, as soon as we were there, it was like nothing ever happened.
We had a great time at the party.  Good food and family time and Emery got some awesome presents!  It was fun to imagine Jack turning 1.  In just a few weeks, he will be 1, too!  Jack got a chance to play with some other little kids at the party, too.  He got attached to a little 17 mos old girl named Katie.  It was cute to watch him interact with kids.  He doesn't get to do that very often.  It was also fun to see him walk ACROSS THE ROOM!  Little Katie took off and Jack followed, on foot, right behind her!  I was SO proud of him.  Now he's walking without any help and he's happy because he is upright!  I think it gives him confidence to see the other little kids up on their feet too. 
We are still trying to figure out what has caused his sleep patterns to get all screwy.  We'll have one good night for every 2-3 bad nights.  He woke up every hour of the night on Saturday night.  It sure is hard being a parent sometimes.  As my dad always told me, "This too, shall pass." 
Hope your week is off to a great start!  Until next time...

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