Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hyvee Christmas Party/Jack's first overnight

This weekend we got to celebrate the holiday season again!  The Gladstone Hy-Vee had it's Holiday Party.  It was a formal event, with dinner and dancing at the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown KC.  We haven't been dressed up together since our wedding.  So, we went all out and I even got my hair done.  I coaxed Reid into wearing matching colors, and he looked spiffy!  :)  They treated us to a wonderful spread of chicken and prime rib.  Rosie, the party coordinator played "Let's Make a Deal" and the employees got to win gifts.  Reid won me a Bath and Body Works lotion set...AND he danced with me.  It was a great night.
Dressed up before the party:

After dinner:

Since mommy and daddy were out late, Jack got to spend the night at Grandma Kirby's.  We didn't want to have to get him out in the subzero temps at midnight or later, so she agreed to let him sleep over.  We slept in the guest room at her house, so that we could be there just in case he woke up.  But, he did great!  He loves his Grandma Judy's and he loves spending time with Cookie, Aunt Sarah's dog.  When we woke up, Cookie came in and tried to get Jack to play.  It was adorable; she'd lay in his lap or curl up right by his feet.  Had to get the camera out....
Cookie laying in Jack's lap:

We've been fighting a bug in the Kirby house...Jack's been sick a little over a week.  I think it's been exacerbated by teething.  He's been super fussy, sleepy, chewing and drooling...but, we're trucking through and ibuprofen is our new best friend.  He's on the up and up now and we're hoping to see some new shiny teeth soon!  He's still eating great; he's got the appetite of a horse!  He ate an ENTIRE Banquet frozen dinner the other night...he loved the Turkey Meal with peas, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey.  He even ate a cup of applesauce for dessert.  We sure are happy he's not picky at this point. 
We hope you're having a good week!
Until next time...

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  1. Gorgeous! Josh's company holiday party was Saturday too - at a club on the Plaza. We also got all dressed up (they had professional photos for us) and sent Zach to Linville's. Funny! Hope Jack's feeling better soon!