Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ravioli Rocks!

I had to post this cute picture of Jack enjoying some really tasty (and messy) ravioli.  He just LOVES it.  He was double-fisting it and "Mmmm-ing" the whole time.  I think he may have set a record for the amount of time it took him to scarf it down, too. 

He's really doing well with people food.  In fact, he wants to eat all the time.  I'm thankful I don't have a picky eater on my hands.  We're contemplating whether or not he's a southpaw (left handed).  He tends to pick things up primarily with his left hand, as well as feed himself with his left hand.  It will be interesting to see; I'm pretty sure it's heriditary.  Reid's dad is left handed and on my side, my little sister Lucy is the only lefty.  I'm sure she would be excited if he turned out to be left-handed.  She will be able to teach him writing and how to tie his shoes.
Also big news--I think it's safe to say that Jack's officially walking!  He's gaining more and more confidence as he goes along, but he walk to and from different toys in the living room, or from the couch to his walker or from the chair to his activity table.  I think it helps for him to see other little kids walking.  We had some friends over who have a 17 months old.  Jack and Gabby are about the same size and he wanted to stand up next to her and hug her.  It was really cute.  She got scared and started crying.  I can only imagine her thinking "who is this big kid?!"  haha
Obviously he's got a long way to go until he's walking successfully around the house, but he's taking "baby steps" (no pun intended).  We're sure enjoying watching him practice! 
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